Arkara ‘Purity’ Soap

Arkara ‘Purity’ Soap

Good things take TIME. Great things take more TIME! And that is why our Cold Process Soap is so sort after. It takes TIME and is amazing!

So what is Cold Process Soap?……..

Cold Process Soap is the age-old method of soap making. It began back in 2800BC with the Ancient Egyptians combining Plant Oil and Animal Fats. By the 7th Century, fragrance and colour were added and by the 15th Century, France had two fully operating Soap Factories. So you can see this method is well and truly tried and tested.

Fast forward to today and making an excellent bar of soap (and when I say excellent, I mean moisturizing with a soft white lather that imparts enough oil onto the skin but not too much), takes TIME. 

It takes TIME to formulate a good recipe, and it takes TIME to make the soap. 

Our process is to heat the combined oils gently and then add an alkalis solution to the oils at around the same temperature. Heat is then generated and the mixture gradually solidifies, becoming soap. This process is called ‘Saponification’. Glycerine is also created during the Saponification process. 

Glycerine is an essential bi-product of the soap making process. In commercial soap, Glycerine is usually removed as it is a highly sort after product for Cosmetic use. In our soap making process, the Glycerine stays in and works to attract water molecules to the skin ensuring you receive that beautiful moisture blast.

Our next step is to pour it into our moulds; we leave the soap in the moulds for two or three days. Once firm enough to take out of the moulds, the soap is left for four weeks to dry thoroughly. During this time, the soaps are turned every couple of days to ensure the water is fully evaporated, ensuring the bar is nice and firm.

So, you can see the process takes TIME! For us, it is worth it.  Our soap is handmade, using the very best locally sourced ingredients, it is also biodegradable, sustainable, has no parabens, no Sodium Laurel Sulfates, no palm oil, and is not tested on animals.

We are very proud of our product and the process to achieve it. And I think we can all agree, the TIME it takes is really worth it so shop our range of cold pressed soaps and experience the age-old tradition of indulgence.