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About Us

“Simply beautiful, elegant soap formed from nature.” - Wendy Green


My vision for Arkara is to create a truly beautiful experience every time. Each soap is totally unique, hand crafted and hand poured with the utmost care and attention. 

What's important to us?

Australian made, Australian ingredients and supporting Australian Suppliers.

Time has become so precious in our busy lives, so let’s enjoy the small every day moments. Like taking pleasure in a soap that delights the senses, or soaking in a luxuriant, fragrant bath.

Community, values, transparency and design are important to us as a brand.  We believe that, by supporting people and enabling them to enjoy the simple things in life, we can make a difference.

 Compassion.  Playfulness.  Mindfulness.



Who is Wendy Green? 

Wendy is imaginative, energetic, playful, artistic and busy as all get out. She knows the value of taking time out and appreciates the finer things in life. Like her customers, she treasures being pampered.

An accomplished Interior Designer, Wendy adores colour and form and brings her natural aesthetic to Arkara. “Nature never gets it wrong,” she says, and it imbues every collection, from the minimalistic Geo soaps to the feminine Blossoms.

Wendy is a self-confessed perfectionist and is personally invested in all her creations. “I look at every soap, every product and I am very proud of what we have made and how beautiful each looks, feels and smells,” She said. “I am by far my hardest task master, so if I am happy with it, you should surely love it!”

On a different level, family and people are most important to Wendy. She said, “I do genuinely care about people, their struggles and what can make a difference in someone’s life, whether it be a smile to a passing stranger or a warm blanket to someone in need. I really believe we all have to take time out to think more deeply and be more tolerant as we never know what’s going on in people’s lives. So I hope with Arkara, we can make a difference and in some way to help others, if only by providing the pleasure of a really beautiful experience. Perhaps by making more impact on the community at large, let’s see what we can do xx!”

Watch this space.