We are having a holiday until 15/9/22 thanks for looking

This stunning gift box features, 8 hand crocheted (by our wonderful Melissa) over sized makeup/face wipes, 1 hand crocheted face washer, all created using AUSTRALIAN cotton sourced DIRECT from the Grower, this cotton is ethically sourced and sustainable. 

Also included is an immensely soft, wooden handled body brush, featuring goats hair bristles which are so soft, they are usually used for babies hair brushes. This beautiful brush  can be used to wash with, or to dry brush, up to you.  Last but no means least is our ever sort after, Arkara Purity Soap.  Presented in a gorgeous, Arkara gift box with ribbon and tissue.


Makeup wipes 90 x 90 mm

Face washer 200 x 200 mm

Brush 100 x 40 mm

Please remember that the beautiful products included in this gorgeous gift box are handmade, so you can expect slight variation in sizing, although Melissa prides herself on her crochet skills and I haven't seen it yet, but please give her a break if she is having 'one of those days' that we all have, that just don't go to plan!